Honed Pipe


1, SUS 304 Honed pipe(Tube)
ϕ45xϕ55×362 with frange
2, SUS 304 Honed pipe(Tube)
ϕ63xϕ73×375 with frange
3, SUS 304 Honed pipe(Tube)
ϕ100xϕ116×725 with processing
4, SUS 304 Honed pipe(Tube)
ϕ140xϕ164×775 with frange

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Processing technology of Kyoei Honing

at Kyoei Honing, whole manufacturing process carried by ourselves, from law material selection, procurement, Honing(Grinding), Plating and to cutting. This integration enables us to small lots of production and small amount of delivery.

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