About us

Company Name

Kyoei Honing Corporation


Yoshikazu Watanabe - CEO





Product Lineups

1, Honing Pipe
2, Slide shaft
3, Slide Pipe
4, Alminium Rollers

Established Year

Dec of 1973

Production Facility

*number in bracket () shows number of machines owned

1, compound numerically-controlled lathe(2)
2, machining center(1)
3, numerically-controlled lathe(5)
4, semi-numerically-controlled lathe(1)
5, all-purpose lathe(1)
6, all-purpose milling machine(1)
7, Vertical Honing Machine(4)
8, Centreless Grinding Machine - for long range(1)
9, Buffing Machine - for long range(2)
10, Hard chrome Plating Equipment - for outer diameter plating(1)
11, Hard chrome Plating Equipment - for long range outer diameter plating(1)
12, Hard chrome Plating Equipment - for internal diameter plating(1)



Processing technology of Kyoei Honing

at Kyoei Honing, whole manufacturing process carried by ourselves, from law material selection, procurement, Honing(Grinding), Plating and to cutting. This integration enables us to small lots of production and small amount of delivery.

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